Continuing Professional Development

There are two reasons why you should be undertaking continuing professional development:

1. You want to!

As a healthcare professional, you take pride in the work you do and recognise the times when perhaps you did not do the best you could. CPD can help fill gaps in your knowledge, furnish you with new skills and provide you with insight into your practice and how to improve it.

2. You have to!

As a healthcare professional, you are accountable for your practice. Even if you aren't that bothered about CPD, or feel that you do not have sufficient time to undertake CPD, there are others out there who not only want you to undertake CPD activities, but might also ask for proof!

If you are employed by the NHS, then you should have an annual personal development review. As part of this process, you will need to demonstrate how you meet the Key Skills Framework (KSF) dimensions relating to your job. By undertaking relevant CPD activities, you will be able to do this.

In addition, you will be expected to develop a personal development plan (PDP) laying out your objectives and learning needs for the next 12 months. This has to be agreed with your line manager, but you need to go armed with some ideas otherwise they might choose for you!

If you are registered with the HCPC, for example as a paramedic, then you have agreed that you will meet the HCPC Standards for CPD. As part of this process, the HCPC will audit around 2.5% of all registrants and ask them to fill in a CPD profile. This includes a summary of your CPD activities from the last two years and requires you to demonstrate that you meet the 5 standards for CPD.

Find out more about CPD

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